Beauty queen queried over Mugabe remarks


HARARE – Zimbabwean model Mutsa Mutare’s hopes of clinching the Miss Global International title are in smoke, but she still managed to hog the limelight after stepping into a marijuana storm created by President Robert Mugabe.

Mutare was in Jamaica for the Miss Global International contest won by England’s Amanda Lillian. Giovanna Lopez from Puerto Rico was runner-up.

She had her place in the Jamaican media though, who pressed her with questions on Mugabe’s remarks.

In statements first published in the Daily News, Mugabe said Jamaican men were lazy, spent their time smoking marijuana and were averse to education because all they cared about is singing.

At first Mutare was unaware of the diplomatic storm her octogenarian President had caused.

One of the papers, the Jamaican Observer stated Mutare was in the dark.

“She was at a loss when asked by the Jamaica Observer how she felt about the current political row between the Jamaican government and Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, over his description of Jamaican
men as drunks and ganja smokers,” stated the paper.

“I am not aware of that,” the paper quoted her as saying. All I know is that we have had good relations with Jamaica since independence. Bob Marley was there. We have always enjoyed good relations,” she told the newspaper.

Following Mugabe’s remarks, Jamaicans hit back, with some demanding apologies and some telling Mugabe he is a failed leader.

Mutare is expected to be back in the country by Friday.

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