Mugabe the worst leader – Ncube


HARARE – President Robert Mugabe is not only the world’s worst leader; he is a daydreamer too, according to Industry minister Welshman Ncube.

In a series of weekend rallies in Mashonaland East and Masvingo provinces, Ncube stated his close association with Mugabe during the tenure of the coalition government had convinced him Zimbabwe was doomed with the 88-year-old in charge.

In Masvingo yesterday, Ncube said anyone voting for Mugabe would “be insane”.

This was a day after telling supporters in Mashonaland East Province’s Mutoko area that Mugabe had become an irritant.

Ncube, who leads the smaller MDC formation, said Mugabe was responsible for the chaos Zimbabwe finds itself in and re-electing him would be condemning the country to perpetual poverty.

Moments after he criticised Mugabe before about 200 supporters in Mutoko, soldiers stormed the venue of the meeting and brutalised his supporters. Ncube had just left the venue.

In comments that angered the soldiers, Ncube tore into Mugabe, branding him Zimbabwe’s foremost stumbling pillar to recovery.

“We are a nation with serious problems. We have gold and diamonds but we are poor. We have the highest literacy rate in Africa and yet we are poor. Where are we getting it wrong? We have a massive leadership failure and I can say Mugabe is the worst leader in the world,” Ncube said.

“You have someone who in 32 years has presided over the destruction of the health system, agriculture and everything in the country saying he is still fit to lead the country.

“How can he say that when he has failed? He is surely daydreaming and living in the 1980s era,” said Ncube.

Ncube urged Zimbabweans to vote for the draft constitution crafted by a tripartite select committee commonly called Constitution Select Committee (Copac) declaring there will not be any more negotiations to amend the draft as demanded by Zanu PF.

“Thirty-two years after attaining independence we are still struggling to come up with a new constitution.
“Someone decides to take the Copac draft to his politburo where they notoriously amend the document. We will never accept the amended draft constitution,” said Ncube.

The constitution-making process has been stalled as Zanu PF tried to railroad 266 amendments into the Copac draft, a move that was rejected by the MDC formations in the coalition government.

He added that a new constitution itself was not an end but a beginning of the democratisation process in Zimbabwe.

Ncube has been on a whirlwind tour of the country canvassing support for his fledgling party.
His party emerged as the smaller faction, following the acrimonious October 2005 split of a united MDC then led by now Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and has remained relatively overshadowed by his erstwhile comrades.

In Masvingo, Ncube said it would take a fool to cast a vote for Mugabe.

“Only those who are insane can vote for Mugabe in the next election. The suffering he has caused to the people of Zimbabwe in his 32-year-rule will make it impossible for a sane man or woman to go into the ballot box and cast a vote for him,” Ncube said.

He said Mugabe, whom he recently accused of sleeping in meetings because of old age, had done enough harm to the once prosperous nation by appointing looters in positions of powers.

“The old man has been appointing thieves in his government to go to Harare and steal. His thieves have been stealing all along in order to grow big tummies while you are suffering here. So next time, I believe those who are in their right senses will not vote for Mugabe but for change,” he said.
Lloyd Mbiba and Godfrey Mtimba

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