Zim producer wins top award in Canada


HARARE – Zimbabwean-born Canada-based Nyasha Makambira won the Best Producer Award at the 2nd Annual African Entertainment Awards held in Toronto, Canada over the weekend.

Makambira of NyashaMusic is currently operating a recording studio in the Greater Toronto Area.     
As a producer he has worked with a variety of artistes including Amaal Nuux of the Mufasa and Word Revealed hit songs.

He has also worked with Stanley Gwanzura better known as Pastor G, Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana, Ronald Ndanga and many others.

During the award night there was however, a mix-up and he had to find out later from friends and relatives.

“On the night of the awards ceremony a different nominee was announced as a winner of Best Producer. Then early Monday morning official winners of the awards were listed on the AE Awards website. I got text messages, phone calls and emails from friends and family congratulating me on winning which prompted me to call the AE Awards committee to further investigate. I was informed that I was a winner of the award. God is good all the time,” he said.

Makambira’s diversity as a music producer has enabled him to cross cultural lines and churn out hits in different genres whilst maintaining his unique and distinct sound.

In an interview with the Daily News the producer said he tries by all means to keep in touch with the latest trends.

“When composing new music, NyashaMusic stays up to date with industry trends. My goal is to blow the listener’s mind and make them move to the beats. My love affair with music started when my late father and pastor Elimelech K Makambira taught me and his brother Simbarashe the piano. Growing up in Mutare, we played instruments during church services led by our father.”

“My passion for music grew and I began experimenting with reconstructing instrumentals to some of my favourite songs. I have also put in some work at Cherry Beach Sound owned by the highly respected Carman Guerrieri,” he said.

The African Entertainment Awards Started in 2011 and they are aimed at showcasing the rich culture of African art and entertainment.

The event celebrates cutting-edge developments and forward thinkers shaping the future of African entertainment industry, thereby honouring innovations, and entrepreneurship.

It is night of diversity as there are award presentations, live entertainment, comedy acts, stage performances, community leaders and a gala reception that is geared to entice the broad spectrum target market consisting of families, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

The AE Awards planning committee invites the public to submit names of those they wish to nominate for the award categories.

Nominations are made online and a hard copy of the nominees will be sent to the planning committee between June and July.

To ensure the eligibility of those nominated by the public, review sessions will be held by entertainment experts to thoroughly assess whether or not the nominees fit for the award category for which they’ve been nominated.

Upon completion of the official nominees list, the general public is again invited but this time to vote during the voting time lines, from July through September.

Each member on the voting panel receives a copy of public votes to study, give his/her input as well as agreeing and personal vote for each category.

The nominee with the most votes from both the public and the voting panel, which consists of 80 percent of the public votes and 20 percent of the judges in a given award category, will be the winner of that award.

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