Tuku urges leaders to stop fighting for power


HARARE – Music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi says world leaders should stop wasting time fighting for personal enrichment and power.

In his 60th national birthday message Mtukudzi said leaders should give more attention to the people and their needs: “Not certain classes but all people. If we do that we can make the world a better place.”

He said 60 years of life was a blessing and he believed he was still alive because God still has a purpose for him.

“When my son Sam died (March 2010) I want to believe that he had achieved what God had set out for him, young as he was (21),” said Tuku.

He said the purpose of music is to give life and hope to people. “Music is a powerful prayer for me to touch the hearts of people. I will continue singing.

“I do not feel any old at 60. I am energetic and strong, still like the same Oliver who was one-year-old once and is going to have many more years. At 60 I still can do the things that I did when I was 40. Age is defined in time and wisdom…wisdom which must be shared amongst the people and time which we don’t have,” said Tuku.

He said his fans kept him fit, focused and inspired as he has a purpose for them.

“I ensure I have a decent meal, sadza and the left leg of a chicken is my favourite meal. I walk for an hour with my wife Daisy, sometimes for an hour and half daily. She is a huge source of strength and a pillar in my life and work. She makes me happy,” said the lanky superstar.

He said his coming 60th birthday was not a celebration of his life alone but it also acknowledges many people.

“I am releasing my 61st album Sarawoga on my birthday and it was not planned that the album coincides with my 60th birthday. I have three other albums ready and I still want to do another song. As long as mankind exists there is always something to talk about and as long as there is something to talk about there is something to sing about. And so I shall sing always. When my mother said my birth cry was my best ever composition it gives me the feeling that God created me to be an artist and given the talent to make music,” said Tuku.

The music star said he will continue working with the youngsters, nurturing their talent and mentoring them because they are the future.

“I am already committed to that cause at Pakare Paye Arts Centre. It was always my dream as a young boy to serve in the humanitarian field of life and will endeavour to do even more philanthropic work by offering my assistance and service to the disadvantaged amongst us.”

Tuku saluted past and present musicians.

“To all the artists who were there before me and set the pace and left a legacy for us, I salute you. The likes of Thomas Mapfumo, Zexie Manatsa, Tineyi Chikupo, Safirio Madzikatire and others who started before me, I salute them too because their work shaped my art in many ways. We never competed but complemented.”

And the urban groovers who are doing a great job, I salute you guys because makapenga (you are great).

“All the past and present members of the Black Spirits Band are part of my 60 years and I give praise to you.”

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