Decibel’s ‘wife’ moves on


HARARE – It is now almost a decade since the urban grooves artiste Decibel “DB” Mazhandu left the country for greener pastures in the United Kingdom but his ‘wife’ said she does not miss him.

Agnes Gudza also known as Eglada a former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation broadcaster employee opened up to the Daily News and shared a disturbing experience she had with the Chido hit maker who is the father of her two children Daniella, 8 and Ocean, 6.

The ‘‘tumultuous’’ relationship experienced by the two musicians has since became a major source of inspiration to Eglada’s love to assist orphans and vulnerable children in the society.

During the Easter holidays this year, the diva launched Eglada Trust, a non-governmental organisation that is striving to help orphans and vulnerable children. She also said this is her God’s calling.

“I was called by God to help children. I grew up without a mother, my children are like me in the same situation and it inspired me to extend my help to children such as orphans,” she said.

As part of her duties, Gudza is moving around Zimbabwe’s orphanages, providing entertainment through free live music from gospel artistes and also identifying talent.

“We are searching for artistic talent in orphanages around the country, we identify, groom these children and later we would like to infiltrate them in different art centres. Eglada Trust’s vision is to develop and nurture artistic talent in orphanages,” she said.

She launched her debut album and the trust at the same time.

“The Trust is made up of dedicated people such as Tawanda Mutyebere, Deacon Aaron Jeremiah, Jee Mudondo, John Arifandika, Nicholas Chikotera and Maxwell Ngwari that are board members of Eglada Trust,” she said.

“I want to play my part by offering vulnerable children free entertainment and spending at least a day with them to show them love and care,” said the diva.

Helping is not an issue of having money or material things but is a state of the heart.

“I do not have money or food to give them but I have my music, so I find it sensible to provide them with entertainment. To me music is the easiest thing to do and music quickly captures children’s mind or attention,” she said.

Eglada with one album under her name Tiratidzei Nzira, explained her life with Decibel and described how he left him for the UK with the two children.

 “He did the unexpected, we were staying together but only to be told that he was gone, he never said goodbye to the family,” said the Tiratidzei Nzira singer.

She described her affair as a tumultuous relationship and blamed her tender age at that time for her marital problems.

“When we married, I was only 22 while he was three years older than me. By then none of us believed in apologising, I think we were all big headed.

“Because of our ages then, we failed to stay in peace, always bickering and for this reason he left the country in 2005 when our second born was only three months old while the daughter was two years old meaning to say the children do not know their father as of now,” she said.

She said the children are currently staying with the Mazhandus in Masvingo and the exiled father is allegedly not remitting cash.

However the former broadcaster described DB as a nice guy turned bad.

“He is a natural intelligent guy, so creative but is a drunkard,” she said.

Like Eglada who was inspired by her personal situation, the Chitungwiza-based Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (Alcoz) director Loveness Mainato is also an ideal example.

Mainato formed her albino organisation after giving birth to two children with albinism and her husband divorced her because of the skin condition of the children.

The society kept on segregating albinos and as a way of challenging this, she formed the organisation and later formed a musical group comprising of albinos.

The Alcoz group released a gem titled Ziva Wokuudza.

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