‘Zanu PF killed my brother’


HARARE – Slain police constable Petros Mutedza’s younger sibling Tichaona claims his brother was murdered by Zanu PF.

Tichaona, who is a defence witness, yesterday told High Court Judge Chinembiri Bhunu that Zanu PF turned his brother’s funeral into a “political rally” to portray the MDC as a violent party.

Close to 30 MDC activists, including party youth assembly leader Solomon Madzore, have been languishing in remand prison for 16 months now charged with killing Mutedza on May 29 last year.

However, Tichaona exonerated the 29 MDC activists on trial for the murder, pointing fingers at Zanu PF.

“It was an organised murder as they (Zanu PF) had earlier threatened my family with death,” he said during a bail hearing for the activists.

“Zanu PF people killed my brother. They wanted to gain support while making it appear as if MDC people had killed him,” said Tichaona.

He said Zanu PF used his brother’s violent death to convince the regional Sadc bloc that the MDC was disturbing peace in the country.

Tichaona told the court he believed the MDC activists were innocent as the injuries on his brother’s body were inconsistent with what the police had told the family.

The 39-year-old told the court his brother confided in him on April 18 last year that Zanu PF wanted him dead.

“I know I am following my brother. He just went before me,” Mutedza told the court.

“My family was threatened with death by Zanu PF on many occasions since 2002. In 2003 they again threatened us. In 2007 one Victor Jaravaza told me he was going to kill my brother as he was my pillar, the same way Lovemore Madhuku would suffer as well as Morgan Tsvangirai’s support,” he said.

Constitutional reforms activist Madhuku is a former key ally of Prime Minister Tsvangirai.

Tichaona said he is an MDC supporter.

Asked by prosecutor Edmore Nyazamba if he was not using the court to gain his own political mileage, Mutedza said his love for his brother was above politics.

After being shown pictures of his brother’s dead body produced by Nyazamba, Mutedza said the pictures did not show some of the policeman’s injuries he had noted.

Tichaona told the court his brother had a big male organ which “surprisingly” was not bulging through the underwear, prompting him to feel the organ to determine its presence.

“I knew my brother’s organ was big from what I had known throughout his life and what I had seen when we would bath together when we were young. And I also know when a man dies, his manhood erects, which was not the case with my brother.”

Mutedza told the court that because of the events leading to his brother’s death, he believed the MDC activists were innocent and should be released and the real murderers arrested.

The state alleges that Mutedza was killed in a brawl with MDC youths. The case continues tomorrow with Mutedza’s father taking the stand. – Bridget Mananavire

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