PM abandons honeymoon


HARARE – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his new wife Elizabeth Macheka have decided against taking a honeymoon and opted to spend the week in Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai, 60, and 35-year-old Macheka opted for a mock wedding last Saturday after the PM’s ex-lover Locardia Karimatsenga successfully challenged the planned wedding in court.

It had been thought that the PM and Elizabeth would take two weeks off for the traditional post-wedding break.

But it appears they want some private time in familiar surroundings after one of the most important days in their lives was sullied by court challenges and sordid details of the PM’s previous dalliances with several women.

The couple will spend the honeymoon at their new multi-million dollar Highlands mansion.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka confirmed the PM will be in Harare.

“The PM is at his home, resting after a hectic two weeks,” Tamborinyoka told the Daily News yesterday.

“He has chosen not to go on a honeymoon because of various critical national issues such as the constitution, starvation, which do not need an absence in national leadership.

“He has not gone on a honeymoon. He will be available to attend to any pressing national issues. This is no time for a honeymoon. He is on call.”

He said the PM officially returns to work next week Monday after the break.

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