Businessmen in jewellery shop fight


HARARE – Two Harare businessmen are at each other’s throats following a botched deal involving the sale of a jewellery processing unit.

Thomas Masango, who operates Thomas Jewellery, is fighting Michael Louizidis, who is also in the same business and is now accusing him of fraud following the latter’s sale of Alpha Jewellery in Harare.

The transaction was facilitated by Thomas Murinzi and one Jemwa on behalf of Thomas Jewellers.

Masango claims Thomas Jewelleries acquired Alpha Jewellery but Louizidis did not surrender documents that would enable them to be granted a permit by the ministry of Mines.

According to an affidavit signed in 2011, Louizidis, agreed to sell Alpha Jewellery (Pvt) to Murinzi representing Thomas Jewellery, for $6 000, but Louizidis is alleged to have refused to hand over the workshop.

Both Murinzi and Masango now claim Louizidis has sold the same workshop to a Russian group.

When contacted for comment, Louizidis denied the allegations saying he did not know Masango but dealt with Murinzi.

Masango claims he has tried all avenues to take over the workshop, but  Louizidis has shown no sign of cooperation.

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