Zimoco unveils Italian cars


HARARE – Zimbabwe’s motorists are now spoilt for choice as Zimoco has launched a new range of Italian cars.

The car dealer on Thursday unveiled its Alfa Romeo and Fiat cars. The Alfa Romeo range includes the thoroughbred sports version, Alfa Romeo 159, aimed at satisfying local appetite for sporty and stylish automobiles.

The Zimbabwean market, well known for penchant for elegant vehicles, has the potential to embrace the Alfa Romeo 159, which not only looks smart but offers good value for money.

Anton Khan, Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealership principal in South Africa, expressed confidence in the Zimbabwean market.

“… we will ensure that we offer the best after sales services through Zimoco. We have brought in the Alfa Romeo 159 but we will introduce other products before year end,” said Khan, adding that they were still in the initial stages of familiarising with the Zimbabwean market.

Unlike its predecessor the Alfa Romeo 156, the Alfa Romeo 159 does not end with the gorgeous exterior lines.

The flair continues on the interior with hot leather seats (Sport leather in the Ti models), chrome pedals, electrics and detailed instrumentation and switch gear make it a special drive.

On the road, the Alfa Romeo 159 gives superbly responsive performance. Even the base model Alfa Romeo 1750 TBi petrol version is a peppy performer, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 7.7 seconds.

The Alfa Romeo 159 has the sporty handling and a decently comfortable ride along with it.

Seventeen inch alloys, seven airbags, five star safety, leather, cruise control, central locking, selespeed or six — speed manual are all a part of the base models standard features.

The Alpha also comes on diesel engines which are extremely powerful and fuel efficient as well.

Less than two litres in size, the petrol powered 1750 TBi and Ti 1750 TBi models boast a 7.7 second dash to 100 km/h from a standstill. And a combined fuel economy figure of just 8.1 litres/100 km is looking every bit as good as the way the car covers the ground.

The Alfa Romeo 159 was launched at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show as a replacement for the Alfa Romeo 156. The Alfa Romeo 159 comes in either front or four-wheel-drive, and all models have six gears — automatic, manual or sequential.  

The top-of-the-range all-wheel-drive version, the Alfa Romeo 3.2 JTS V6, boasts a 191 kW 3.2 litre V6 engine.

With the 159, Alfa Romeo, have put in many useful safety features which saw it being awarded five stars by the Euro NCAP crash testing authority. Child safety is also right up there, too.  

All models have at least seven airbags, with some models of the Alfa Romeo 159 having up to nine, including one to protect the driver’s knees, albeit by sacrificing a mechanical steering lock.

Under the Fiat family, Zimoco offers the Doblo Cargo, a standard van offering more space, high-tech and is perfect for carrying goods of all lengths and heights to a minimum payload of 1000 kilogrammes.

The Doblo Cargo has large sliding doors and rear doors to make loading and unloading easy.

Zimoco will also offer the Fiat Fiorino — a run-about economical vehicle and the smallest under the van range.

Other vehicles under the Fiat range are the Punto and Ducato.

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