Zanu PF youths clash over flea market


MUTARE – A woman who relieved herself at the Daily News’ reception area is causing chaos in Manicaland province where she is fighting to control a flea market space situated near Sakubva Stadium.

Self-styled Zanu PF activist Sheila Mutsenhu bussed party youths yesterday to take over the lucrative business of selling second-hand clothing at the busy area.

The Daily News witnessed flea-market operators, mainly Zanu PF youths, fiercely resisting the invasion of the newly-created flea market by Mutsenhu’s youths.

The local authority opened up the space, which is a wetland between Sakubva long distance bus terminus and Sakubva’s Maonde suburb, to be used as a flea market for the Zanu PF youths under their Upfumi Kuvadiki programme.

Mutsenhu, a teacher by profession, made newspaper headlines earlier this year when she indecently exposed herself at the Daily News offices in Harare and relieved herself at the paper’s reception area after earlier launching a furious tirade insulting the newspaper staff for allegedly demonising President Mugabe.

The self-proclaimed Zanu PF activist was later disowned by the party following her act.

Zanu PF youths told the Daily News they did not want Mutsenhu to be part of the flea market business as she was a disgrace to the party.

A Zanu PF youth who spoke on condition of anonymity said other youths felt Mutsenhu was a fly-by-night activist of  “questionable character whose roots are not known within the party.”

Zanu PF Manicaland provincial youth chairperson Tawanda Mukodza said: “I am not in the picture of what is going on. I do not know, Sheila has been unwelcomed at the market stalls at the flea market in Sakubva.”

Mutsenhu was unreachable on her mobile phone when the Daily News called for her comment. – Sydney Saize

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