Tsvangirai alleges grand political plot


HARARE – Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday said there was a grand political plot to scuttle his wedding to Elizabeth Macheka tomorrow.

The PM has faced two interdicts from his ex-lovers seeking to stop his wedding at Raintree Gardens in Umwinsidale that will be preceded by a public wedding ceremony at Glamis Arena in Harare.

A magistrate is this morning due to hear objections filed by a South African woman Nosipho Regina Shilubane — a day after Lorcadia Karimatsenga’s objections were thrown out by the High Court.

Tsvangirai said it was false that he had promised to marry Shilubane as she claims.

Tsvangirai said all this was a “well-choreographed move replete with malice and vindictiveness.”

The PM thanked all Zimbabweans who have offered him support since he lost his wife Susan Tsvangirai in a tragic car crash in 2009 “until the latest tribulations.”

“Some of the claims are part of a grand political scheme to besmirch, to malign and to soil the image of the Prime Minister for political gain,” his spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka told the Daily News last night.

He said yesterday’s claim was lodged with the newspapers before it was served on the PM’s lawyers and with the magistrates’ court.

“There are those who have obviously sought to dip political fingers in a social pie,” he said.

“Zimbabweans are pleased that the PM has now found a rightful companion with whom he publicly engaged; a loved one he will publicly wed on Saturday.”

Tamborinyoka said the PM will brave “these political machinations” and said “he gives his assurance that they will not sway him from his goal of bringing real change and transformation to the people of Zimbabwe. – Gift Phiri

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