Gospel Hub ‘deserts’ Harare


HARARE – The much-hyped monthly event, Gospel Hub founded by gospel couple Charles and Namatai Chipanga has “deserted” Harare as part of its marketing strategy.

Charles Chipanga told the Daily News that they are decentralising the event to make it more popular.

“A lot of activities are happening in Harare, there is a lot of competition and we find it worthy to take the Gospel Hub to other parts of the country. So far we have toured places such as Kadoma, Mutare and Chiredzi among other towns,” he said.

Chipanga is overwhelmed with the positive response the project is receiving.

“The event is becoming more popular and I hope when we return to Harare probably this month, the crowd will double,” he said.

Gospel Hub’s thrust is to promote gospel artistes; that is organising concerts for them to showcase their talent while the Chipangas who front the Chalenan Rhythms music group will meet all the expenses.

In a previous interview with the Daily News, Chipanga said he wants musicians to use him as a stepping stone.

“We will organise gospel concerts and it is strictly gospel music genre. I was helped and I feel I have to play my part also,” said Chipanga.

Artistes who usually perform at the event include Mechanic Manyeruke, Olinda Marowa, Charles and Namatai Chipanga as well as Synergy from Kadoma.

Chipanga came up with the idea of forming the Gospel Hub after noticing that gospel musicians lacked promotional support.

“I decided to help artistes by promoting them through the Gospel Hub.

“I did this after discovered that music promoters only concentrate with other genres like sungura while sidelining gospel music, this forced me to take the bull by its horns,” said Chipanga.

The Chalenam initiative reminds one of the times of Ngaavongwe and Nguva Yakwana gospel concerts.

The Chipangas are planning to turn the initiative from being a monthly event to a weekly if funds permit.

“We are planning to hold the event on a weekly basis in the near future,” Chipanga said.

Chipanga grew up in Kadoma.

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