Roki, ExQ off to UK today


HARARE – Urban grooves artistes Rockford “Roki” Josphats and Enock “ExQ” Munhenga are set to wow their legion of fans in United Kingdom next week.

Madboiz Entertainment, an organisation made up of Zimbabwean promoters based in the UK invited the artistes.

In an interview with the Daily News, ExQ popular for his hit Musalala said this would be his first time to perform in the UK.

He said his maiden trip was now certain as all his travelling documents are in order.

“Tomorrow me and Roki (today) will be leaving the country for the UK tour and nothing will stop us,” he said.

The tour will run for a week. The musicians are set to perform in three cities Leicester on the 14th, Manchester on the 15th and a final performance is set for London on September 16.

The duo has recorded numerous songs together including hit songs Ndichakutevera, Rudo Rwemari and Reply Me One Day which also features Extra Large among others.

“Fans in the UK are looking forward to the duet’s sizzling performances. Fans are already counting down on their Facebook walls, reflecting the excitement building up in UK,” said ExQ.

The Mazirudo vocalist says he is looking forward to putting the UK on fire.

“Am happy to be performing for the people who understand my language in the UK, people from home,” said ExQ.

However, Roki’s manager Bybit said she is still to receive the musician’s tickets from the promoters.

“Preparations are at an advanced stage, we are just waiting for the tickets from the promoters. If we receive the tickets by today (yesterday) Roki will be flying,” she said.

Recently urban groover King Shaddy was banned from entering the UK for the next 10 years on allegations of deception.

The H-Metro singer is currently appealing against the embargo.

Recently, Roki recorded a single with his former Big Brother Stargame housemate and R and B Zambian star Mampi, their song has been doing well on the local charts.

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