Mzembi playing politics while I am making dollars — Mahofa


MASVINGO – Former Gutu South MP Shuvai Mahofa, one of the 25 Zanu PF officials accused of forcing their way into the lucrative Save Valley Conservancy, has accused fellow party member and Tourism minister Walter Mzembi of playing politics with the issue. Mahofa described Mzembi as a “small boy”.

She described the Tourism minister as a loser using the issue to fight back those who failed to vote for him for the post of provincial chairperson. “He is playing politics. Why is he doing this when he also has a conservancy? If he failed to get a good one (conservancy) that is his own fault. He should let us do our business in hunting and make a lot of money and stop being used by white people,” said Mahofa.

“He is doing this because we refused to vote for him for the position of Zanu PF provincial chairperson. He lost to Lovemore Matuke so he is bitter and wants to use this as a way of getting back at us.”

Asked to answer allegations that she lacks requisite wildlife management and hunting skills, Mahofa laughed loudly saying, “We cannot let the whites enjoy riches in our country. We also want blacks in this sector. It is unacceptable that these few whites are allowed to harvest the money there.

In fact I am realising that farming is a waste of time, there is a lot of money to be made in hunting.

I am in there and I now know that. I am very happy with my hunting business and I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In addition she said, “Business is very good and there is free money to be made out there and Mzembi must leave me to make money and get old and die well.”

“You just sit and wait for whites to come and pay for hunting and make money,” Mahofa added. Mahofa said she has a lease, a licence and a hunting quarter which allows her to do the business of hunting lawfully.

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