Gweru contestant bows out of My Own Boss


HARARE – My own Boss entrepreneurial Reality show gains momentum, alliances are forged, friends and foes are created, and the boardroom sessions have become the contestants` worst nightmare — and eviction is inevitable.

Charlene Chekenya`s eviction in the debut episode came as a rude awakening to the My Own Boss contestants and there  was a paradigm shift in general task execution as  they stepped up to the plate to gain immunity from  the “hangmen`s noose” and to continue the race for the $25 000 prize money.

The contestants who were broken down into two groups to form two companies Alkandros and Explosives stepped up to the plate as they sort to outdo each other in the second task Lets Go Zero a Mimosa Mining company initiative aimed at reducing  carnage  on the roads, at work and other  places of interaction.

The campaign is driven from the company’s motto, Zero  Harm Is Possible  Zero is aligned to Unaids global HIV campaign — Getting to Zero meaning  zero deaths, zero infections, zero discrimination.

“Your assignment for my own Boss 2012 is as follows, you are supposed to produce a video of the Lets go Zero radio jingle. Secondly compose a five minute infomercial of Let’s Go Zero campaign; thirdly negotiate with media companies for space to support the campaign in the form of airtime and dedicated columns in the newspapers and related platforms. Fourthly secure partners to complement Mimosa Mining Company initiative and lastly this will be used in assessment of the task — to ensure the Let’s Go Zero Campaign is visible and communicates a clear public message,” the chief mentor Nigel Chanakira tasked the contestants.

 The contestants roped in influential personalities such as Phillip Chiyangwa, Tendai Westerhorf to conscientious and to communicate the Lets go Zero message.

The task did not only seek to raise awareness on Zero Carnage to the general populace but also to inculcate in contestants the importance of ploughing back to the society that would have moulded a person to be what they are.

Although they were performing a social responsibility task on Zero Harm this did not translate to zero elimination as Chanakira was faced with a daunting decision to send another head rolling on the chopping board.

Explosives were put on the spotlight and Alkandros dominated the show as they won the second task.

With all odds pointing out to the  small town boy Tavaviri Gocheki the inventor whose lack of exposure  and contribution  to the Explosives expectations  made him the weakest link ,but a shocker was pulled out on Tendai Hombarume contestant from  Gweru who was visibly shaken  by  Chanakira’s  decision to send her packing to Homeville.

Her pitfall was the money that pulled the Houdini act on her — the money that was supposed to be channelled to the production of a video mysteriously disappeared from her handbag.

Her eviction underscored the importance of financial discipline in business.

One can do things right (work hard, spend sleepless nights)if money is not invested in the bank all efforts will amount to nothing.

“Cash is king one cannot leave sales and proceeds lying around I have no other choice but to send you packing. Tendai you cannot be your own boss.”  These hard-hitting words from the chief mentor sealed Hombarume`s fate.

With  temperatures rising, pressure  mounting and  big guns falling from the show  watch My Own Boss  on Africa Unite from 1800 – 1900hrs and ZTV from 1900-2000 hrs every Thursday  and be part of this nail biting experience of these entrepreneurs journey into the realities of the business world.

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