Biti efforts laudable but…


HARARE – Finance minister Tendai Biti’s international cash hunting expedition confirms that indeed Zimbabwe has become a basket case after years of misrule and poor management of the economy.

As reported elsewhere in this issue, Biti left Harare yesterday for Australia with a begging bowl in his hand trying to convince the world they must support Zimbabwe financially.

He will also take his begging skills to Angola and South Africa, among other countries.

But Biti’s task is not simple because the people who destroyed and plundered this economy are still in power, the people who have brought the economy down are still in charge and the people who have ruined this economy through corruption still hold the keys to power.

Biti must convince a doubting world that money taken from their tax payers will go to good use, he must convince them the money will not be used to suppress democracy in Zimbabwe.

Once touted as the continent’s bread basket, a combination of scorched earth policies and trampling of human rights has seen Zimbabwe’s economy collapse to an extent that we have been reduced to mere beggars.

For the record, we are now beggars despite being in possession of natural resources especially minerals.

Angolans are emerging from an almost two-decade long brutal civil war and we are begging from them.

It is a clear demonstration of how President Robert Mugabe’s regime has over the past three decades, failed the people of this country.

They argue diamond sales are a state security issue hence inflows from these cannot be disclosed as part of ordinary government receipts.

We have in this country a motley group of individuals who are holding more than 14 million of us to ransom by diverting into private coffers, funds that should be used to fund public expenditure.

In this regard, Biti’s efforts should be commended but those that have led this country into the sewer should hold their heads in shame.

Biti has thrown out of the window, a myopic look East policy adopted by Zanu PF in a clear case of cutting off one’s nose to spite the face.

Zimbabweans will not survive on lines of credit and piling debts on posterity, we have the resources and only need the right people to preside over these in order to ensure we all benefit and live happily ever after.

What we want is a democratically-elected government so that Biti or whoever will be Finance minister will be relaxing at home presiding over the resources we already have.

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