R&K in a comeback


HARARE – Seasoned artiste Rangarirai Sagombeto of R&K African Sounds is expected to perform as an opening act during upcoming musician Douglas Chimbetu’s show at Super Label Nite club tomorrow.

The two are set to thrill fans in Harare and Sagombeto will use the opportunity to re-connect with his lost fans.

In terms of musical experience, Sagombeto is two or more steps ahead of Chimbetu but the latter is currently more popular.

Sagombeto came into the limelight in the early 2000s with the hit song Tina found on the debut album Dama Rakanaka.

Together with his partner in music Kevin Chikowore, Ranga as Sagombeto is affectionately known by fans, released Raramo and Mhemberero.

Since the two parted ways, their fame waned and now Ranga is trying to rejuvenate it.

Chimbetu, the son of dendera musician Allan of the Sonny fame is new in the industry and is yet to release a debut album.

His father is assisting him on his album which is yet to be released.

The album, Matsimba, meaning footprints, will feature six dendera tracks.

“I am still putting final touches to my album which I hope will hit the market shelves soon,” said the upcoming dendera musician.

Chimbetu said his album is going to shape his musical career but it is sad to note that unscrupulous music dealers are throwing spanners in his path.

He was referring to a fake album pirated onto the market which they purport to be his new release. “That album is far below my standard and these people are just there to destroy my name,” said the 21-year-old artiste.”

Chimbetu replaced his father as the new Orchestra Dendera Kings (Central Committee) front man following reports that Allan had failed to run the band properly.

Allan has re-joined the original Orchestra Dendera Kings where his nephew Suluman Chimbetu, leads the band.

The Daily News has witnessed a number of Douglas’ concerts.

The youthful artiste is talented — he has the voice — if time permits nothing can stop him from clinching the dendera crown which Suluman and Tryson are fighting for.

He sings the whole catalogue of dendera — songs of the late Simon, Naison and Allan to perfection.

Douglas joined the band-wagon to help musicians such as Suluman and Tryson to keep flying the dendera flag high.

The Dendera genre was started by the late Simon and Naison decades ago.

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