SA’s Xhosa King to grace Mzilikazi commemorations


BULAWAYO – King Zwelonke from the Eastern Province of South Africa is expected to be part of over 500 delegates set to grace the 12th edition of the annual commemoration of King Mzilikazi slated for Mhlahlandlela on September 8.

The memorial site, which is known to have been Mzilikazi’s capital, is situated about 22 kilometres south of Bulawayo along the Old Gwanda Road.

 King Mzilikazi, who died 154 years ago on September 5, is remembered every year courtesy of Mthwakazi Ka Mzilikazi Cultural Association.

The association’s spokesperson Rodgers Vhuthuza Mthethwa told the Daily News that preparations for the event are in full swing.

“We have so far managed to put things together although we had a bit of challenges financially,” said Mthethwa.

“Our celebrations usually take place on the day which Mzilikazi died which is September 5 but since the day falls during the week we pushed it for the weekend.

“We are expecting over 500 guests at the occasion. Top on the list will be the Xhosa King, Zwelonke from South Africa. We are also expecting quite a number of visitors from KwaZulu- Natal,” Mthethwa said.

As part of the celebrations, many local cultural groups have been invited to bolster an entertainment script that includes a variety of cultural dances.

He however, said although his association invited politicians from across the political divide to witness the celebration, the organisation was not going to give them a platform to address the gathering.

“We can only allow the politicians to speak not as politicians but as ordinary individuals,” he said adding he is cognisant of the behaviour of politicians who are known to hijack such occasions for political expediency.

The proceedings on the day will begin with a marching procession in the morning from Mzilikazi Post Office to the City Hall where there will be transport to the venue.

Mthethwa said the elders who are brewing opaque traditional beer are already at the site in preparation for the occasion.

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