Sadc needs to do more


HARARE – While we welcome the pledge by the regional body Sadc, to ensure that Zimbabwe will hold free and fair elections next year, more needs to be done to force the Principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to be more serious.

The constitutional process has stalled because President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF is playing games with the people of Zimbabwe by coming up with their own draft.

Zanu PF claims they are not happy with the current draft which is due for a referendum yet the same people were being updated on a regular basis about the contents of the constitution during drafting.

For argument’s sake, Zanu PF is saying the draft does not have the views of the people.

If that is the case, then again Zanu PF is to blame.

They caused mayhem, violence and threatened people against making contributions to the new constitution.

The problem is the now toothless Zanu PF politburo believes what they discuss at their headquarters becomes the law.

But the ball game has changed, the politburo remains a party organ only useful to Zanu PF. This is why we say Sadc must do more to push Zanu PF to reform otherwise the circus, the former ruling party is causing in the country will extend to the elections scheduled for next year.

Sadc said in a communiqué after the Maputo summit: “Sadc commits itself to assist the parties in everyday (sic) possible as the guarantor of the GPA, to reach a position where a credible election enables Zimbabwe to set out on the road to stability and progress.”

“If they (sic) are any difficulties with regard to the constitution and implementation of agreements the facilitator is called upon to engage with the parties and assist them resolve such issues, bearing in mind the time frames and the necessity to hold free and fair elections.”

This is the right direction.

If Zanu PF is not happy with the draft, they must simply campaign for a “NO”vote while those who are for the draft must campaign for a “YES” vote.

This is democracy.

We tend to agree with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who told the Sadc summit it will be wrong for three individuals to decide the contents of the constitution against the wishes of the people.

The draft must go to the people who will decide whether they want it or not. Surely Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube cannot decide for everyone.

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