Keagan: First S. African to win BBA


HARARE – The curtain came down on Big Brother Stargame on Sunday with South Africa’s Keagan landing the top prize of $300 000.

Keagan became the first South African to win the top prize since Big Brother began in 2003.

There were only six remaining housemates including Lady May (Namibia), Prezzo (Kenya), Wati (Malawi), Kyle (Uganda), Talia (Zambia) and Keagan.

On being asked by presenter IK on what the secret was behind winning the show Keagan said being real was the key.

“I do not know, just be yourself.” Keagan did not look ecstatic but very quiet like he was in a state of disbelief.

When asked to comment on the outcome, he was at a loss of words.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you I cannot stop saying thank you. There is nothing more I can say except thank you,” he said.

Keagan’s winning came as a surprise to many people as they did not expect him to win.

Keagan had developed an intimate relationship with Talia but seemed hesitant on whether he would take things further out of the house.

Lady May and Prezzo appeared to be favourites for the prize.

Although they were in the top three, Keagan took the prize home.

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Former housemates from the Stargame season Goldie, Jeaneatte, Junia, Malonza, Alex and Keitta were present at the final show.

Goldie was dealt a heavy blow when Prezzo describes their relationship as just being friends.

Prezzo said he did not understand her and that at times she took him for granted to which presenter IK asked whether Goldie’s doing chores for Prezzo was part of her taking him for granted.

The Nigerian lass dropped a few tears as she watched her “man”disown her in front of Africa.

This year’s Big Brother was filled with exciting and sad moments due to the diverse and sometimes eccentric characters in the house.

Lady May was among those who entertained in the house with her weird ways of training wearing pink heels and sleeping outside.

Diverse artistes performed at the finale: D’banj, Naeto C, Sarkodi, Navio and MC Khuli Chana.

There were two houses in the contest namely Upville and Downville.

Upville had seven celebrities from different African countries.

Following several evictions, all the remaining Downville housemates were upgraded to Upville.

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