Mapfumo challenges Chiyangwa


HARARE – Businessman Philip Chiyangwa has taken the scathing attack by the Chimurenga music guru Thomas Mapfumo lying low, refusing to comment on comments that he boasts about his wealth.

Mapfumo this week tore into the businessman, telling an online news website, New that if Chiyangwa has so much money as he claimed, he should come go and live in Hollywood.

“The idea of driving around in a lovely car in a sea of poverty just doesn’t sit well with me,” Mapfumo went on; “I look at people like Phillip Chiyangwa who boast about their wealth, if he has such kind of money why doesn’t he come to Hollywood?”

Mapfumo told the New Zimbabwe at the end of his United Kingdom tour last Sunday.

Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, United States known for fame and cultural identity as the historical centre of movie studios and movie stars.

“I cannot comment on what was said in England. If I am to respond, I have to respond to journalists from New Zimbabwe not you guys,” said Chiyangwa.

In an article published by New on why he was not returning to Zimbabwe, the Chimurenga guru said he did not want to perform in a country filled with poor people.

“I live and perform in the United States to people who have their own means. A lot of people have been suggesting it would be better if I went back to Zimbabwe, but how do I ask people who are struggling to just get by to pay to watch me sing? I couldn’t do it,” the Chimurenga star told New Zimbabwe.

The 67-year-old singer said performing to a hungry audience will not bring him any pleasure.

Mapfumo said his return to Zimbabwe was unlikely with President Robert Mugabe still in power.

He blames the 88-year-old leader of turning Zimbabwe into a basket case during his uninterrupted 32-year rule through corruption and mismanagement.

“My hope is that those who have been voting Zanu PF will remove those blinkers at the next elections and change the course of our country,” Mapfumo told New Zimbabwe.

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