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A book worth reading

THE long awaited book by Maxine Adams is finally published. We caught up with the focused and forward looking lady whose book is a conversation to every women who is broken

Q)How has been the process of writing this book? And during this project what inspired you the most to carry on?
MA) Personally when I wrote the book, some of the chapters spoke to me. This is because I went through certain situations in my life, which made me want to seek more of His face and wanted revelation and wanted to know more of Him.
Q) Is there one or people that this book is dedicate to?
MA) This book is dedicated to all broken women.
Q)Is there a common theme coming out of this book and is targeted at a specific group?
MA) Common theme would be motivational and inspirational and it’s to inspire women of all ages.
Q) Those who want a copy of the book where can they find it?
MA) In the local book shops.
Q) Is this your first book?
MA) Yes it is first published.
Q) How long did it take to write this book?
MA) This book took me 30 days to write it.
Q) What is the title of your book and why did you pick that title?
MA) The title is ‘Her Crown was Grace’. This title was because to me being crowned means being appointed. To be appointed is to be put in a place of honor. To be a queen need a crown. The grace of God “Queened” me to be where I am. It’s by His grace that I’m crowned.
Q) What genre would you say you write?
MA) Inspirational.
Q) What are some of your favorite writing reference books?
MA) The bible.
Q) What are your writing goals for the next 12 months?
MA) I would say, I have personal goals.
Q) What can be done to improve the culture of reading books in Zimbabwe and in the world?
MA) This is a very good question. First and foremost I would say to make easy access for people to read. Books to be accessible to everyone. Also make time to read.

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